Monday, May 17, 2010


Sit back and I will tell you a story Just as I wait through these moments On occasion I leave this place Something you wouldn't understand Honestly you couldn't see me if you tried Just let the time pass Over and over Slowly sipping your drink Heaven and hell don't really exist Taking a drag from your cigarette you Somewhat feel numb But at the same time you feel everything But whats in between seems to be the only thing thats reel Everything happens at the same time But it has never really happened at all Dont worry what they say to you Just let the time pass Disregard everything you know


This is how we go Clickety clack clickety clack As we walk back towards the train The salty motor is drained from its rain Pass this forward to the conductor Lifting up the birds as they zoom across the screen The faint smell of liquidation creeps into my nose As I watch what the people are brewing Screaming out whats wrong with me The chain saws start as I crawl towards the door These would be simpler times if I could remember that one time The sound of the sword fills my eyes As I look through my ears toward the grand view I've tried for perfection but who is worthy of that kind Watch the whistle passing through your sight Creep through the crickety crack of the slight bit of movement Understand when I say crickety crack I mean the noise bringing movement To the beat I move unconditionally Cradle me as I spin through the crowd The color of the beat creeping through the panels Up and down goes the beat Side to slide Keeping me up by the drink Don't make the mistake of making the same mistakes Calling out to the people Spilling the liquid out Onto the floor I send myself waiting for the grace left for me L is the lane that I drive my beat

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I continue to slam my head against my keyboard. In a hyper slow motion I catch my eyes changing colors from red to green. My pupils dilated, my forehead bruising. The constant deformation of my brain in motion spilling myself dry. Never before have I felt this sense of relief. This open ended explosion of hatred towards this light. Penetrating my thoughts I try and run but I am stopped just inches away by this ball and chain. Constricted and confused I shake vigorously to try and break free. With the energy lost I am left empty and parched begging for a break. Slithering down into my own self destruction I begin to cry. Crying out in exhaustion and weakness I look to the sky. Searching for wonders and sights I find a blank blue canvas. In my own twisted imagination I reach to my left and grab the blue bucket. I then stroke my paint brush over that same sky the same shade of blue as the last. Tilting my head in appreciation I daze off sleeping from dreams. I awake to the new sky, the same blue as the previous. Arising from my sleep I grin and walk out to the porch and proceed with my day. That day will be the same as the previous and the coming...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Let me whisper something to myself

There is a hole in my head spilling these thoughts on to my paper
The pool below me is rising becoming big enough to swim in
These thoughts are devouring me tearing at me, wearing me down
I'm dying to have you
I fighting against you
Clenching you, smelling you
No I cannot consume you
I set you down only to pick you up again
Dismissing you for an instant
Constantly in flux with my decision to leave you
I do not need you
No I hate you
I love you
My chest constricting and weak, my hands trembling
My whole body is screaming for you
But I do not want you

Monday, November 17, 2008


Gentle, Gentle
I've seen you cut down trees
Why do they all resemble me
I know you and you know I know
I'm just a fallen man
What are these passing
Remember when we found remedies
Slowly, slowly gentle mind
Come to an ease
Sawed with an axe, I bleed
Misery and bitter falls
Let all things fade
Tell me what they told me
I'm just a man, still learning how to fall
I am no ghost, I cannot walk through walls
They have never looked out for me
I am what I am and what I am is who I am
I know is what I know and all I know is that I fall
Much more than I needed to
Much more than I tried to
Isn't it strange how things have changed
All is well, all is well
Even though sometimes I spin around for days
Round and round and round until I fall

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All I See

Oh sister Mary
We are everlasting
Intertwined within into something 
I've never felt this way before
Let go of all of these mixed emotions
Forget about all your hesitations
My beating heart is only just the start
Oh sister don't be troubled
I know this isn't what you're used to
It's hard to let go of the past
But this train is moving 
And I am made for you
Together we're heading ceiling
I can not stand this stalling
All I see is your face 
I am seeing you every day
Patiently I stand here waiting
I want you to know that you make me glow
Don't ever ever let go
You're taking time 
But I hope you realize
You haven't missed a night of dancing through my dreams
Nothing will ever be simple
But I can meet you half way
Because we complete each others lives

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Need Is The Word

What makes you happy
What can I do to help
You are my stone
I swear I cannot hurt you
I'll stand by your side
There's no one else
You're in my eyes
I feel empty
Oh my girl please come home
Sidetracked and so alone
I don't know what to do
All I said is said
I just want my other half
I am longing for your embrace
This heart is filled with love
If I am snow then you are winter
I do not want you
I need you
Everything is missing
Can you hear my voice
All I am is for you

Hope For A Day

Give me a day to feel sad
Mourning slothfully and weeping softly
Quietly pushing the covers over my head
Snoozing through the day young 
Pushing the sun through the sky
Unevenly laying balanced by weakness
Waking for a breath and falling deeper
Seeping into a dream laid before my dark eyes
Absent from light and immune to my teeth
Neither will know and neither will show
Coming home crying to my ceiling 
Reaching for letters written fondly
Scribbling letters forming into words
Unable to identify my heartache or my headache
Plotting to find peace in my theatrical muse
I come short of feeling
Leaning over into numbing
I am merely sleeping awake
Tapping of piano keys patter on my roof
Each note sending me whirling as if the player knew
Candle lit and dim I will sit perched in the street
Upon the shore of the ocean I hold back
Shivering frost and biter cold cheeks I can not move
Hoping for a day where my sadness has gone away...

Make Some Sense

Yellow little rabbit hole
Follow through the snow
Galloping around the footprints
Dodging the trees barely missing
Hanging around the fireflies
Conversing with big ugly things
No hours watching the jungle gym
Overly alive just trying to survive
Six miles south of north map
Under this one shooting down
Big lion calls sprawled out
Mistaken paper nap sack
Barely alive using words to speak aloud
Crouching below the big willow
Monsters very tall 
Drill a tiny hole
Measure a new train
Find a new game 
Give me a compass 
Who among is still young 


UNdress my EYES of these tears dripping from MY chin
UNweave this HEART from the Weight holding me to the FLOOR
UNcover fears nestled in my BONES
Break me free of this prison I hold myself in 
Speak to me words of silent melodies dying in days never to come
UNhinge this desire within
Mold me in the likeness of a man
Bear heavy words of Encouragement 
Able to hear from this land
Put me in a HOLE and feed me no Food
Strengthen my abilities to Survive solely alone
Give me a breath of LIFE
Pick me up OFF of this ground
Solidify my joints resisting a fall
Dam my EYE lids
UNdo this mess I laid MYSELF in